Thanks for the feedback. I am working on a beta version, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn so I can share that version. This version supports multiple calendars, is faster and is easier to configure, and addresses some of your observations.

In response to your observations:

  1. Yes, in the beta version I did add on option to make it a one way sync, calendar to the sheet only
  2. I designed the tool to write back the Customer/Project/Task back to the calendar as the title. I would love to discuss your use case and see if I can add it as a setting
  3. Same as 2, it is possible, just not designed that way.
  4. Google sheet supports SQL like queries. This enables me to create multiple reports, and aggregations. In my cas the dashboard shows my weekly activities and aggregations by period/customer/project. It was designed as a time writing tool, and my reality is that I need to copy the same info in multiple systems. The dashboard enables that.
  5. No, I have not, still in the planning phase
  6. Yes, it will take a while. The new version is faster. The cutoff data is meant to control the sync, and the new version has a from-to sync dats so you can manage the initial sync better
  7. True, it does not support swithing calendars.

Great to hear that the tool helps.

Freelance Google Cloud Platform Architect, Google Workspace GDE

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